My interest in photography was first sparked by a book given to me by my mother called “Our Beautiful Children”. As I sat down and turned over the hard cover not knowing what to expect, I was immediately transfixed by the eyes of each child; eyes of wonder, eyes of excitement, eyes that had not yet lived a life of order, eyes that spoke freedom, and in that moment I understood what it was to be a child. Pure unspoiled smiles beamed out of every page and into my soul, and I felt connected to these children. I saw who they were through the lens of the photographer and I fell in love. I want to bring this same passion to my own practice as a photojournalist. I want to capture the world around me in a way that no other medium can do so. As an individual I am passionate about issues of social justice and human rights, and these are subjects I wish to explore in my future as a documentary practitioner. I am drawn to the power of photography as a medium for provoking change and a tool for documenting the past and present.



2014 Sub Editor at The Argus, QCA
2014 Multimedia published in The Argus, QCA
2013 Internship at Heelside Magazine, Gold Coast
2013 Articles published in Heelside Magazine, Gold Coast
Golden Key International Honours Society Member
2013 Griffith Award for Academic Excellence
2012 Griffith Award for Academic Excellence



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