Almost Gone

This typology presents a historical documentation of abandoned houses in rural NSW. These are the houses that nobody photographs, houses that are stagnant, bypassed by major routes and highways to suburbia. They have sustained the extremities of weather and the intolerance of nature yet remain to this day insignificant, hidden and rejected by society. The purpose of this typology is to bring beauty and life back into these houses, houses that were once occupied as we occupy our own, houses that have rich history of family, emotion and pain, houses that are demolished to make way for new homes. I want the viewer to recognize the life that these houses once breathed and the presence of the people who breathed in them. The aim of this typology is to encourage people to consider the idea that everything that was once new will become history. These could be our own houses in 100 years. By taking photographs of these houses I am almost documenting a life and one who’s end is close at hand as the number demolitions increase.










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