Ivan began rock climbing in early January 2013 and recently found his passion in Bouldering. Bouldering refers to a discipline of climbing that involves climbing small routes without rope, a small series of moves that represent the ‘crux’ (difficult section) of a climb. Most of the climbing is performed on low set rocks, slabs and boulders. Only becoming popular with it’s break from traditional climbing in the mid 90’s, Bouldering has become a climbing phenomena. “It is now the largest growing discipline of climbing, with an increasing popularity within youth culture” (McBurnie 2014). Initially, Bouldering was used as a form of training for climbers who would then go on to explore sport and traditional climbing routes. In its struggle to initiate itself as a solo discipline, Bouldering was often frowned upon by traditional climbers because “it was low to the ground and not considered true climbing” (McBurnie 2014).









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