The virtual world is a big part of 22-year-old Jaryn Rogers’s life. From a young age he has evolved as a gamer witnessing first hand the advance in technology from pixelated graphics to high definition simulations of imagery. To him a video game is a place to escape; a world that fuels imagination and an adventure that’s fate is subject to his direction. With nothing but a remote control in hand, he leaves reality behind and fuses with a character to exist in a world dominated by fantasy, a world where anything is possible. I wanted to portray the melding of characters that occurs when someone plays a video game. The person controlling, and the character become one when playing a video game. The player enters a world where he sees and moves as the character does, he plays the character, and thus see’s himself as the character inside a virtual environment.

final jaryn portrait

The images below explore the relationship between the body and identity and how this is transformed in the presence of nature. They investigate the way in which we see ourselves as individuals in comparison to how others see us. In this instance, nature acts as the onlooker. Each image reveals a part of the figure that is hidden whether it is the body, the face or both. The hidden elements signify our insecurities, our flaws and our self-consciousness when looking at our reflection. The white cloth appears in all three images challenging notions of power vs vulnerability in relation to how it is placed on the body. It represents a mask, a hiding place, a shelter under which our true self is persuaded to come out, bringing forth a purity of soul that is shared with only us in that moment.

Hidden Insecurities





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